ChannelJay.TV presents The Crypto Coyote


So I restarted producing content & then it brewed to me that I should just do something about everything that I like. So I did and called the format a Super Dimensional Variety show .
First I had to find a new place to call home for my show; I found myself sick & tired of YouTube and constantly being under review but later I found out it was just a hater reporting my content. NO I’m not totally leaving YouTube, it’s going to be tertiary for my content .

I eventually discovered Steemit and then minds,  after playing around a bit I made Minds my new Social Media home, places like FaceBook are of the past and treated as archived for old content posts.

I eventually sat down for a few months thinking, how do I want to do this show and use all of my experience ?

So I created The Crypto Coyote : A Super Dimensional Variety Show.  Lets list off what we will be doing with this show . It’s primary about Crypto Currency and the technologies behind it, also going to be visiting alot of places and putting up musical montages, the sports I like (climbing/Parkour) , I love doing comedy skits so we will have that going. Also going to be talking about the future , what does it hold for us?

We also have a Slogan  ” Mine , Hodl , Trade.

Let me shut up and post the links to the show & if you are on Steemit/Dtube or Minds follow away.

Dtube Link Episode 1!/v/channeljaytv/42iz2x0d

Minds Link Episode 1



Forgive me the embedded links do now want to work.