Roger Corman’s Carnosaur 1& 2

There was a time when Hollywierd did things huge, like Jurassic Park. It unleashed the stupidity of dino-rage-fandom, for bloody sake you can even say it was responsible for naming Toronto’s NBA team The Raptors .

I think I said enough , this is about Roger Coreman’s answer to that Hollywood crap that so many loved, well Jay reviews them & see what he has to say about them both.


There is a 3rd one too but we don’t have a hard copy of it to review….yet.

Alien Love with Breeders (1986)VHS

Jay himself, you know our great Leader at ChannelJay.TV, that guy with great hair and quality breeding genetics? Well of course you do, he breaks out more sci fi alien goodness, finding this VHS was a surprise cause i never actually heard of it, but then mst of my selection was from the limits of living in a small beach town.

So we slap it in the VCR and review BREEDERS (1986)


Old show’s become new



10 Feet. was my first series , I put it away but then i had new idea’s. Rebranded it to Victory but that was not all that happened here, snow is a common thing living in southern Canada. I just couldn’t do Parkour all year around. So the final name of the show is 10 Feet Victory & Urb Adventures. I will talk more about this in the near future as it is currently being worked on.

Enjoy my most update Parkour Video, we know there will be more to view soon.

Cremate your pets.

Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is always a twisted delight for some of us to watch, i could write so much to say about it, but then what would the point of watching the video that we here at ChannelJay Main channel and the good folks at the UHF station work so hard on. Subscribe watch so we don’t have to fire anyone.

Stephen King’s The Stand (VHS)

You know who writes good scary stories? Stephen King. Many of his stories have been adapted to film, some fantastic, some not so good. NBC back in the day adapted The Stand for a Mini-series in the 90’s, it had many of us glues to our seat and be forced to tolerate commercials of so many garbage products. In the end though , it was worth it to many.

This is one of the many reasons why we went back to review The Stand.

Take a look.

The Gifted Girl

While browsing NetFlix , I can across , The Girl with all the gifts (2016).

we reviewed this one back in Season 3 of The Host retro horror review show

It’s definitely a different angle in the Zombie sub genre of Horror

What do I have to say about this Zombie Movie? well you have to watch the video!