Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories – Foreign Parts review with Jay.


How did I discover this? Shudder.

I’ve known about Shudder for a while, so i subscribed for a year for a very good price I thought. With NetFlix lacking in The Horror genre I had to find myself some more.

While browsing I discovered Niel Gaiman’s Likely Stories & though to myself, yeah lets give this a Stream & Scream review with Part 1 Foreign Parts. The series is a delight.

The Educated Film Elitist Vs The Evil in Us.



We Introduced him in The CreepShow Episode but now he has his own segment on The Host Retro Horror Review Show.

The Educated Film Elitist , who studies at all of the finest film school from all around the world. An attendee at they most prestigious Film Festivals & rumored to be a secret director of film.

Tonight the E.F.E takes on a Raven Banner release called The Evil In Us (2016) & he battles it in a fashion that we have never seen at CHannelJay.TV. IN fact we think it makes That garbage bag wearing freak The Host feel Threatened, after all he already tried to kill him once in the Creep show episode… what kind of deviant does that?


Welcome to Season 4 of The Host RHRS


Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to depravity, welcome to an upgrade in quality but most Important welcome back to The Host Retro Horror Review Show.

Tonight at CHannelJay we reviewed Creepshow 1 & 2 but also do an editorial on If a Tree Falls by BlackFawn Films, some local Indie guys, we love them ..we sear.

With Season 4 we Introduce Ronald FearBurn, The Loan Shark money behind ChannelJay & Jay is always behind, so to help pay our debt to FearBurn he’s now part of the show and tells us what to review sometimes. He’ll definitely be a reoccurring character because we have no choice, we owe him so much money.

So the Skit is based on CReepShow 2 Chief Wooden head segment but we call it Chief wooden Host & before anyone goes all SJW, Jay our fearful leader is Ojibway.

The Host reviews Black Mirror

We’ve reviewed Stranger Things and we loved that! Then we tried Luke Cage as another series to review, great series but it’s slowly getting it’s views & now we are reviewing Black Mirror . Originally Aired on BBC but it eventually had a limited releasing on NetFlix Canada . What do I mean by Limited releasing, not all of the episodes from Season 1 or 2 have been released on Net Flix, but what looks like it all there is Season 3 & we are about to start reviewing that very soon.

Her it is , in all of it’s glory The Host Retro Horror review shows Host Clip reviews of Black Mirror Season 1 reviews.



Watch “Stranger Things (2016) series- The Host RHRS.” on YouTube

After going to Fan Expo , I discovered this huge love for Stranger Things , I kind of ignored the social media hype , but I did give in & was I ever rewarded for it , I showed so much emotion in my reviews , I really was drawn in , I immersed myself into the show . It really shows cause as soonest I was dine watching a chapter , I sat down and did my reviews , there are a few moments of silence , alot of excitement. Well you can just watch them all . I’d really enjoy interacting , but do that on the YouTube comments , like and subscribe as well , it means alot to me . 
Stranger Things (2016) series- The Host RHRS.:

Shock Stock 2016 + The Host RHRS + eps 2 & 3


We came, we saw, we drank, we smoked and gathered enough evidence at Shock Stock to have every one involved convicted of vagrancy or some mess. CHannel Jay sent out Jay & Luke out to make the Annual Shock Stock show and came back with 2 episodes of glorious reviews & mayhem.

In Episode one Jay Reviews Science-less fiction, people say they went to light on Bills movie & Luke reviews Peeler and gives it a positive review. Spot the Mayhem of episode 1.

IN Episode 2 we gather evidence, Luke Meets Fan boy Lloyd Kaufman , Kevin from Basket Case reviews Jays pipe , we review Frankenstein created Bikers (2016) & Secret Santa (2015) and drunken debauchery all on Shock Stockers gone wild 2016,


Night of The Host (2014) release.

Ive decided to release my short film on YouTube, it’s my first short film and is based on one of the Characters in The Host Retro horror review show, The Garbagebag head with the goofy eyes goes out the get some sweet cuddle in the little film, I have some more ideas for the character but one project at a time.

Here it is , Night of The Host