Welcome to Season 4 of The Host RHRS


Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to depravity, welcome to an upgrade in quality but most Important welcome back to The Host Retro Horror Review Show.

Tonight at CHannelJay we reviewed Creepshow 1 & 2 but also do an editorial on If a Tree Falls by BlackFawn Films, some local Indie guys, we love them ..we sear.

With Season 4 we Introduce Ronald FearBurn, The Loan Shark money behind ChannelJay & Jay is always behind, so to help pay our debt to FearBurn he’s now part of the show and tells us what to review sometimes. He’ll definitely be a reoccurring character because we have no choice, we owe him so much money.

So the Skit is based on CReepShow 2 Chief Wooden head segment but we call it Chief wooden Host & before anyone goes all SJW, Jay our fearful leader is Ojibway.

Shock Stock 2016 + The Host RHRS + eps 2 & 3


We came, we saw, we drank, we smoked and gathered enough evidence at Shock Stock to have every one involved convicted of vagrancy or some mess. CHannel Jay sent out Jay & Luke out to make the Annual Shock Stock show and came back with 2 episodes of glorious reviews & mayhem.

In Episode one Jay Reviews Science-less fiction, people say they went to light on Bills movie & Luke reviews Peeler and gives it a positive review. Spot the Mayhem of episode 1.

IN Episode 2 we gather evidence, Luke Meets Fan boy Lloyd Kaufman , Kevin from Basket Case reviews Jays pipe , we review Frankenstein created Bikers (2016) & Secret Santa (2015) and drunken debauchery all on Shock Stockers gone wild 2016,


Satanic Review’s The Host season 3 premiere.

1 A Meg

The 3rd season starts tonight, after so much delays with production, things are going to pick up, we just booked Shock Stock 2016 but that is besides the point. Tonight we review Satan’s Cheerleaders (1977) , Mr. Frost (1989) & 976-EVIL (1989) We thought these were all great titles but it was later revealed that our memories serve us incorrect about the quality of some movies , but what should we expect, we some times go looking for garbage gold but end up finding Garbage…dung. Megan Rose makes an appearance as a Satanic temptress that summons of the grand old puke-o-rama fest.

Season 3 we also hope to up the quality, new intro’s were shot for some sequences, Darrel Marsh of Horror in the Hammer & Little Nightmares will be joining us more for the reviews and skits and we also have various formats to get out our reviews and shenanigans .

With no more time wasted cause yo9u just might be running from a masked killer, we here at ChannelJay.TV present to you  the season premiere of The Host.


The Host Lives! With ShockStock 2015 Vengance!!

Finally I am going to publish the Shock Stock episode on The Host Retro Horror review show.

We keep season 2 rolling and give you a video mash up ShockStock Style.

Jay and Luke take off to ShockStock 2015 in London Ontario, we give you a flash back of last year, and some Hi Jinks of this years madness, also get interviews with Sadie Katz and Shotzi Blackheart about the shit that went down on Saturday night.
We Also review Massacre ot Femur Creek which i picked up at Shockstock on VHS. Luke scored Maniac Cop 2 and reviews it.
TONY TODD destroys a VHS.

Yes the Candy man Smashed a sinker of a VHS.

The Host S2E2 Ghoulies 1,2&3

After so much delay and some technical issues, I am finally able to bring to you The Host Season 2 episode 2 The Ghoulies movies.

These movies where released back in the pinnacle of The Video Store era and totally rocked the Horror section that ever video scum bag wants. With The Help of The Host, Ghost face, Luke Meneok and other villainy review, we even did a lil skit of well we don’t want to tell you, we just want you to watch the Host.

Call the Office , retro gaming in  London Ontario 

 I had the time to go to London , Ontario for the weekend and to attend Shock Stock . 

On Staurday night after the convention we went to Call the Office at 216 York St . The venue has the feel of a dive bar but what sets this place apart is it has a nice sized stage and first up on stage was Door to Door Gore . A thrash band that sounded more like black metal but me and Gwen where still catching it. Also the location had was some retro games going on , I put my quarter in and started playing Galaga ( released June 1st 1981 ) . In all we had a great time . I hung out with the Horror in the Hammer and the Troma team .  
Can’t wait till next year , wanna know why ?  Cause I’m the Copper Punk !