Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories – Foreign Parts review with Jay.


How did I discover this? Shudder.

I’ve known about Shudder for a while, so i subscribed for a year for a very good price I thought. With NetFlix lacking in The Horror genre I had to find myself some more.

While browsing I discovered Niel Gaiman’s Likely Stories & though to myself, yeah lets give this a Stream & Scream review with Part 1 Foreign Parts. The series is a delight.

The Host Lives! With ShockStock 2015 Vengance!!

Finally I am going to publish the Shock Stock episode on The Host Retro Horror review show.

We keep season 2 rolling and give you a video mash up ShockStock Style.

Jay and Luke take off to ShockStock 2015 in London Ontario, we give you a flash back of last year, and some Hi Jinks of this years madness, also get interviews with Sadie Katz and Shotzi Blackheart about the shit that went down on Saturday night.
We Also review Massacre ot Femur Creek which i picked up at Shockstock on VHS. Luke scored Maniac Cop 2 and reviews it.
TONY TODD destroys a VHS.

Yes the Candy man Smashed a sinker of a VHS.