Web Series

Welcome to ChannelJay.TV

We come to you on the digital airwaves providing content on YouTube Minds & Dtube .

Links  Jay Winger Channel & ChannelJay UHF

NEW!!!! 2019
Minds Video Link


The Crypto Coyote – A Super Dimensional Variety show.
Not just a Variety show but one dedicated to the Crypto Currency crowd all over the internet and we are only on Decentralized Networks like Steemit/DTube and Minds.com




The Host: Retro Horror review show – Starring The Host , Ghost Face , Luke Meneok , Jay The Leader of ChannelJay.TV , Satan (Megan Rose) , Ronald FearBurn owner of ChannelJay.TV . It’s a Alternative Horror review show that reviews (Horror, Sci-Fi,Action,Cult, Exploitation , B-Movies , TV series, reactions , revealings , satanic rituals, & web series )

The Host RHRS Season 1

The Host RHRS Season 2

The Host RHRS Season 3

Indie Film’s of CHannel Jay

We do Comedy, Horror, Science fiction, Crime & Action

Night of The Host (2014)

-Coyote : The Black Hand. Currently in Production

  • 10 Feet Victory & The Bootleg . Pre Production
  • The Bad Dude . Concept


Jay Winger’s 10 Feet – was my first venture into creating content online by training in Parkour , it still goes but not as often produced, I continue to document my progress with themes & great beats.We are currently in Season 4. I have developed in skill.

Season 1 – The Beginning.

Season 2- The Braving

Season 3 – Rise of The Punk.

Season 4 – Coyote series

POV Series.



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